Eyeglass Frame & Lens Selection

Frame Selection


Common Questions during frame selection:


“Will these work with my prescription?”

Proper frame selection depends on several factors, including (but not limited to):

-Single vision vs multifocal lenses

-Amount and orientation of astigmatism

-Magnitude of refractive error

-Expected use of glasses (driving, computer/reading, sports, etc)

-Facial characteristics

-Skin/hair tone


“Do I look good in these?”

Eyeglass frames can be selected to disappear on your face, to be a prominent fashion statement, or anywhere in between. We want you to love your glasses! We will help you find a frame that you won’t want to take off. For this reason, we have the best selection of frames in the Lake Norman area!


Want the top names in fashion eyewear? We’ve got ’em! Taking a more economical approach? We carry those frames, too! We pride ourselves on having something for everyone. That’s what makes our optical shop the best. We also carry a wide selection of sunglasses and sports goggles.


Lens Materials

Proper selection of lens materials is often overlooked. An eyeglass prescription should involve more than just numbers. Have you ever purchased glasses that simply didn’t seem right? Sometimes this is due to improper selection of lens design or material.


Do you have a high prescription? Do you have astigmatism? How important is impact resistance to you? How about scratch resistance? These factors are all critical in selecting lens materials.


When prescribing glasses, the Dr. Sugarman selects the appropriate lens material or materials for you. He then communicates this to the optician to ensure that your glasses from Eyes on Lake Norman are the best pair you have ever owned.