Pediatric Eye Exams

What you need to know

The visual demands of a child are not the same as those of an adult. In fact, the AOA estimates one in four school-aged kids have undetected vision problems that critically impact their visual perceptual skills.  Dr. Sugarman received pediatric training at one of the nation’s top pediatric vision practices, the Draisin Vision Group in West Ashley, South Carolina.  He would tell you that pediatric exams are his favorite part of vision care!

Why are regular eye exams important for children?

It is crucially important that children receive exams before starting school. You might be surprised how thoroughly a child’s eyes can be examined! Many vision problems can be corrected much more easily and effectively if treated at a young age. Screenings determine how well the child is seeing, as well as the alignment of his or her eyes. If you notice any apparent vision troubles, regardless of school vision test results, take your child for a thorough eye exam at Eyes on Lake Norman Optometry!

If you are interested in an eye exam for your child come and visit us!