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There are several different uses for Rx glasses. These include:

  • Distance correction-used for driving, television, or full-time
  • Computer correction-used for computer and work. These glasses are custom made to provide clear vision at a predetermined distance. These are a favorite among individuals who experience “tired eyes” when looking at a computer screen.
  • Near correction-used for reading or short working distance. Whether you are starting to extend your arms for reading or simply need to see up close for detailed work, near vision glasses can be a lifesaver.
  • Multifocal-used for multiple distances. Modern progressive lenses (no-line bifocals) allow clear vision at distance, intermediate, and near better than ever before. Lined bifocals are still available and useful, but most individuals prefer the flexibility provided by progressive lenses.
  • Rx Sunglasses-used for driving and outdoor activities. Most spectacle frames can be fit with tinted lenses. Prescription sunglasses can provide clear and comfortable vision while protecting your eyes from the sun. Photochromic lenses turn dark when exposed to ultraviolet light and can provide clear and tinted lenses in one pair.
  • Sporting glasses-Some sports have very specific visual demands. Shooting is an excellent example. Whether pistol or rifle, magnified optics or iron sights, dedicated glasses can keep you competitive and protected at the range.

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