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Routine Eye Exam:
Comprehensive eye exams are your yearly vision and health check-up. We will determine any need for glasses and/or contacts, as well as perform a thorough examination of the entire visual system. Many eye conditions begin without symptoms, so annual exams are the best way to ensure that  your eyes are healthy.

Medical office visits:
Sudden changes in vision, pain, redness, itching, and /or light sensitivity are common reasons for medical office visits. We are always available to address any concerns you have with your eyes or vision. Additionally, some condition such as glaucoma, diabetes, or cataracts should be monitored periodically. Your eye doctor can determine what is the best route to take to ensure the health of your eyes.

Full Service Optical Dispensary:
Whether your prescription was determined at Eyes on Lake Norman or somewhere else, you can purchase glasses here. We also provide a full selection of sunglasses with or without prescription. We also perform adjustments and repairs of glasses at no cost.

If you wish to fill an outside prescription for glasses at Eyes on Lake Norman, at your request Dr. Sugarman will verify the prescription at no cost.

Dry Eye Clinic:
Do you have dry, burning, or watery eyes? Does the quality of your vision seem to fluctuate throughout the day? Do you need breaks at the computer to close your eyes. You may very well have dry eye syndrome.

Dry Eye Syndrome is an under-diagnosed and often misunderstood condition. There are several tests and treatment modalities available for individuals who exhibit dry eye symptoms. These can be over-the-counter drops, nutritional supplements, home therapy, prescription drugs, or minor surgical techniques.

The Dry Eye Clinic at Eyes on Lake Norman is designed to first determine the cause of your dry eye condition. We then prescribe a specific course of treatment to alleviate your dry eyes as effectively as possible.